The core of the collection was used to develop a series of computer video games from 1985 to the mid-1990’s. ¬†Here are the very machines are shown in use by local developers working on Orbiter (1985, Spectrum Holobyte) at their home office on Hillside Drive in Bryan.

The computers were also used to create many custom software packages for business in the Brazos Valley and these games:

  • PT 109
  • Sub Battle Simulator
  • Shards of Spring
  • F-15 Simulator
  • Harpoon


3 thoughts on “History”

  1. I have a collection of 802.11 wirless access points. To the best of my knowledge it is one of every type that Texas A&M used to broadcast TAMULink from the early 90’s to today with the exception of the latest outdoor ones. If you are interested please let me know so since I must get rid of them by the end of the month. I also have a commodore 64 with manual.

  2. WAPs. How big are they? Can you send pictures? I am obligated to state if we take them they have to be legally released from TAMU inventory of course!

    Commodore 64 we have one, sorry! I hate to see machines going to the semi-annual computer recycling event (next one in April) but that’s better than the landfill. Maybe we can figure out a way to let folks post they have machines they want to give away or trade…

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