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8 thoughts on “Volunteers”

  1. Last year I threw out my original IBM Dos 3.3 and Basic Hard cover binders. I might one or tow items for you. I can take some pictures and email you.

  2. Hi Don,
    I saw the article in the eagle about the museum and was hoping to come visit. I didn’t see any listed hours of operation here, and can’t seem to find a good contact email. When is the museum open?

    1. Basically you can see the collection during business hours as it sits between the dress shop and resale shop above the Emergency Operations Center. We hope to have docents down there starting in March for the monthly First Friday festivities.

  3. Have you thought of checking with the A&M surplus property management? The department I work for is sending several old NeXT computer stations to surplus soon.

  4. I have a Texas Instruments Travelmate 4000M and one of the first Eagle Computer “lug abouts” with lots of software for sale.

    do you know of anyone or organization that would want these examples of 1980’s mobile computing to exhibit?

    1. Hi Alan

      E-Bay is the defacto market for these old computers and let me warn you, they aren’t worth much. If you decide to discard them out of frustration, please wait till April (assuming you are here in the Brazos Valley) and bring them to the semi-annual Household Hazardous Waste event. However… the TI may be of interest to me. I need to check inventory and see if I have one. The luggable Eagle is not of interest.

      PS if you decide to list on E-Bay, set up one listing for each computer w software and another for just the software with the proper settings to allow you to decline to make any sale at the end of the auction. Somewhere I read separating them increases your take. if you get more than shipping costs you are doing very well.


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