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Shows the actual collection.

New additions 2015.01!

We have just received an Osborne Executive to go with our Osborne 1 and it came with manuals and commercial software.  This will join our other new addition – a Zenith 248 which was the factory built version of the Heathkits of the late 1970’s.

The collection is located at the Wimberley Building (former Woolworth Building)110 North Main Street.  Right above the Emergency Operations Center and next to Emily’s JimS.

First Friday!

May 2nd from 6pm to around 9pm or so… I will be on the sidewalk in front of the Wimberly showing off two unique luggable computers. Please come down and visit – or better yet – come down and bring something from YOUR collection to share.


Met a lot of old friends and made some new ones.  I think we may have a lead on an IMSAI system from the 1970’s…..



Saturday – April 5th at 8AM we need a few volunteers to help move the collection about 2 blocks from McLane to the former Woolworth building on Main Street.

Those with bad backs can help by dusting, or doing some research on the units for later display on this site and on signage.

Old location:
McLane Intelligent Solutions: 214 N Main St

New location:
Wimberley Building (former Woolworth Building)110 North Main Street

BV Computer Museum – First Post!

For those of us who know what a IBM 360, an ADM 3, a  Z-80, and a 8” floppy drive are  – or those who want to know about coal fired computers – here is your chance!

Pictures of the Collection 2013

 With the support of Fibertown/Astin Partners and McLane Intelligent Solutions a modest collection of “old” computers will be put on display in March in downtown Bryan.

The Collection’s new home!

Basically, the idea is to be social on First Fridays with docents and visiting exhibits from local collectors.  If you think of a Hot Rod Club you get the idea

We are looking for help in three areas.  

  • Public Relations/Communications (things like updating the WordPress website, PSA’s, signage, announcements).
  • Curating the collection (things like: labeling, cleaning, moving, seeing if the systems actually run, collection of donations, etc.).
  •  Volunteer coordination (things like: lining up docents for First Fridays and helping fill the other positions).

Some of you have already offered to help move the collection – we are floating March 15th as the move date.

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